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Action Projects :

(We're hoping that action projects will accont for approx. 2/3 of all projects on Library Walk)
  • Throw a frisbee to dog for a donation (proceeds go to animal shelter)
  • Make a card for a senior citizen
  • Make a giant card for a hospital
  • Decorate lunch bags for donated meals
  • Make luminaries to line walkway to Winterfest Concert to show # contributors during week
  • Shack-in-a-box
  • Build a wheelchair ramp on Library walk
  • Build a doghouse on Library Walk
  • Letters to military, veterans, children
  • Make ribbon flowers and donate with cards/meals
  • Make bookmarks
  • Absolutely incredible kids day
  • Cut and donate hair to “locks of love” in Plaza/LW
  • College wars
  • Blood drive
  • Decorate donated food cans with “we care” messages
  • Fold paper cranes symbolizing good luck for hospital patients
  • Mural/art project s
  • Host a “college day” for children
  • Make a recycling sculpture (Sun God?)
  • Collect recycling/display recycling in one location for the week to show quantity
  • Challenge administrators/faculty/staff
  • Sign ups for future service projects
  • Random acts of kindness
  • “Nominate a friend” to recognize a kind deed/their work to benefit the community/ their commitment to the principles of community- read aloud in Plaza? Publish in the Guardian?
  • “Help wanted ads”
  • Create “101 ways to make a difference” flyer and post it across campus
  • Field trip to a volunteer agency
  • Show a conscientious movie on campus
  • “Walk/jog-a-thon”
  • Create your own “_______-a-thon”
  • Banner showing issues students care about
  • Care packages
  • Decorate planting pots for senior center
  • Be creative… Possibilities are endless!!!


(note: the UCSD Bookstore will be collecting change to be donated to local charities)
  • Girl Scout Cookie Sales
  • “Kiss the Pig”
  • Food sales (why not write a kind deed messages on napkins/cups )
  • Dunk tank
  • Use fountain to collect spare change
  • Vote for your favorite charity with dollars


*Note, all donations this year will go to one local charity. The Donation drive will be coordinated by the A.S. Volunteer Connection… Why not challenge your group/res hall/apartment to come up with the most donations!)
  • Blankets
  • Blood/plasma
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Money
  • School supplies
  • Stuffed animals
  • Toiletries/hygiene products

Issues Education/Civic Engagement Activities:

  • Get out the Vote campaign
  • Educate students about an issue you’re passionate about
  • Hold a dialogue or host a speaker on a social/environmental issue
  • Hold a protest/advocacy parade for people to make their voices heard
  • Do an art project about an issue (ie. Recycle sculpture, issues student’s care about graffiti wall, etc.

Use your imagination! Possibilities are endless!

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